Brazos River 

Regional day school program for the deaf

intinerant services

(All services determined by data driven decisions of the ARD Committee.)

Why We do it

​Itinerant teachers understand the unique needs of our Deaf/Hard of Hearing students in the general education classroom. We are there to ensure communication access is maximized throughout their school day in all learning and social situations.  The role of the Itinerant Teacher helps produce students that are able advocate for themselves  in the classroom, the job interview, and all situations in life.

Did you Know...

The Itinerant Teachers often drive over one hundred miles a day to see students.

Who We Are

Certified Deaf Education Teachers who travel to multiple school districts and campuses in order to serve the needs of Deaf/Hard of Hearing students who attend school in their neighborhood school and do not require the services of the RDSPD cluster site location. 

WHat we do

​​The Itinerant Teacher is a supportive link for the student, the school and the family of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing child. The role of the Itinerant Teacher has many facets, including supporting the Deaf/hard of hearing student in receiving appropriate/adequate support services, monitoring language development, monitoring auditory training and use of auditory equipment, direct academic support, use of expanded core curriculum, and supplementation of classroom lessons. In addition, the Itinerant Teacher supports the academic programming of the student with inservices and on-going consultative services.